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Buying and Selling Real Estate Tips

Buying Financial Essentials

  1. Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage
  2. Determine Your Budget
  3. Avoid Other Large Purchases
  4. Secure Down Payment
  5. Know Your Credit Score
  6. Determine the Changes to Your Budget You Can Expect
  7. Remember Closing Costs (2-5% of Mortgage Amount)
  8. Choose Length of Mortgage
  9. Stay within Your Budget
  10. Know Moving Costs

Selling Financial Essentials

  1. Hire an Experienced, Professional Real Estate Agent.
  2. Invest in value-adding improvements.

  3. Improve the home’s curb appeal.

  4. Get a pre-list home inspection.

  5. Take numerous clean, sharp, color photos.

  6. Hire a professional staging company.

  7. Carefully and reasonably set the right asking price.

  8. Remove personal items (as much as possible).